Monday, July 15, 2013

MS Enemy #1

Well, that may be too harsh. I don't know if it's enemy #1, but heat is up there on the list. Over the years I have been prompted to stay in the air conditioned house rather than go outside. I don't enjoy the beach at all any more. And given the choice during the summer, I will do nothing rather than deal with what the heat does to me. Lately however, I have wanted to do more things outside the house. Probably because I am now a full-time telecommuter and I just want to change my environment once in a while. But the heat is still a problem. Today for instance, all I did was go to Target for a couple of things. I wasn't outside for 2 minutes going in and out of the car and I felt like I ran a marathon. I am hoping it is just a temporary hot streak in the weather or maybe I was just overly sensitive today. I keep reading about the cooling aids that are out there for people with MS but I haven't tried any. I always thought they were for people who live in places like Arizona or Florida, not New Jersey. I may have to review that attitude and look into them after all. I refuse to become a hermit just because the summer is a hot one.