Mother Bird

The Confused Thoughts of the Mother Bird

The mother bird lamented at the thought that it was time for her baby to leave the nest.
She was overcome with pride as she made sure everything was set for his big day.
Wondering if she did the right things to make his wings strong enough, she shook off the fear that might make her change her mind and let him stay a bit longer.
Knowing he is mature enough to handle his future, she gives him some last minute instructions for a safe flight.
Saddened by the idea that her baby is leaving, she stands by his side as he tries to be brave, feeling his fear as strongly as her own.
With tears in her eyes, she gives a gentle, loving push, and the baby bird is on his way.
She laughs as he fiercely flaps his wings and seems to go in every direction at once but stays in the air, rising little by little.
As she turns to the younger bird still in the nest, she takes a deep breath knowing she will have to repeat her preparations before knowing for sure if they were the best methods.

Her bedtime prayers lead to pleasant dreams of both her babies soaring back to her, grown, strong, and flying higher than she has ever ventured herself.