by Debby Festa Nowicki

I don’t know exactly when the strange things started occurring in my house or when my family started acting so different, but I think it was around my 40th birthday. It seemed around that time when the thermostat broke. I don’t know why my family doesn’t believe me, but they really should check it out. I mean, how can it be 69° in there? Too often I am freezing. And then to make matters worse, as soon as I put on a sweater, the temperature jumps up to 150°!! I really think someone should fix it instead of laughing at me when I start ripping off all my clothes or when I pull on a blanket right after I do. Oh, and when the temperature in the house gets so high in the middle of the night that I wake up soaked with sweat, I don’t appreciate the guys raising their eyes and telling me how cold it was in their rooms.
Another thing is how things disappear. I think there is a ghost in the house, but I don’t understand why he only messes with my things. And why doesn’t anyone else even entertain the idea? Do they really believe that I can’t remember putting something down on the kitchen table 5 seconds after I do it? If I was the one that put it there, why would I be looking for it? And why on Earth would I put my keys in the freezer?
My family complains that I yell and snap at them a lot. Are they kidding? Didn’t they see me bawling my eyes out a few seconds ago? If I snapped at them after that, maybe it’s because when I cry about something as serious as almost leaving the house with 2 different shoes on they just dismiss it or get mad instead of consoling me. They say I need help or a pill or something. I think they are the ones that need help.
I think my sister said she went through this at some point with her family. And it lasted almost 10 years! I really hope everyone around here gets their act together sooner that that!!