Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Meds Revisited

So, my experiment to go off most of my meds has shown its first sign that it isn’t

working. The first sign of it can be seen right here by looking at how long it’s been

since I’ve written anything and the topic of what I wrote. Yes, technically, winter is

over so I am finally coming out of the winter blues. However, I found that the tea and

vitamins were not enough to combat my MS fatigue. So now, before my work suffers

any more, I am going back on the anti-fatigue medicine Provigil. I don’t really like it,

but I need something while I am still working so there it is.

         Of course, Provigil always made me unable to sleep…so, hopefully before that gets

out of control next, I am going to try the medical marijuana to help me relax and

sleep at night. We’ll see how that goes in time…stay tuned.