Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New doctor, old problem

The most frustrating this in dealing with MS is going to primary care doctors. For a while, I had a good one and was happy as can be; I never wanted to go to a different  doctor. Unfortunately, he left the practice group I go to and went too far for me...so here I go again, breaking in a new guy.
     I was feeling run-down and a little congested, so I figured I should go and see if there was something the doc could give me. My shoulder was also hurting for a few weeks, so I figured I should ask if it could be related, you know, a cold or something settling in my shoulder/arm muscle. Silly me...I shouldn't even have mentioned it.
     He went through all the silly questions that cannot be answered by an MS patient without a certain degree of uncertainty..."do you feel numb or tingling in your arm or fingers?"--UMMMMM yeah...all the time...I have MS. "Does it come and go or is it always numb?"--Yes. LOL...and similar things that he doesn't understand is completely irrelevant and will not help him figure out what is wrong. Sigh...I know I have to do it, but this guy better last a while, I hate doing this all the time. Maybe when I get the medical marijuana, I'll get stoned before I see him and see what he thinks then. That will be fun.