Monday, July 8, 2013

Looks Can Be Deceiving

"But you look so good." I'm sure many of you have heard that or something similar at some point. I find it amusing really. What does it mean? Is the speaker saying they don't believe you could have an incurable, debilitating disease? At my best, I figure it's one of those compliments that are meant well but sound backward, like "you look nice today." Jeeze, what do I look like every other day? On bad days, I want to scream "should I get my cane and hit you with it everywhere I'm feeling my symptoms so you have a better idea of what I'm feeling?" Don't worry, I don't actually say it.
     There is something caregivers and other people in the lives of MS patients should keep in mind. If we complained about every single thing that bothered us every day, they'd avoid talking to us. And what good would that be? Luckily, we understand that it is what it is and we have resources to help with these symptoms so we can get on with life. So we each do what we need to do to live how we need to live. So for all caregivers and others, remember this--just because I'm walking, it doesn't mean it doesn't hurt to do so or I'm not feeling uneasy about my balance...just because I was up early and seemed energized, it doesn't mean I slept last night or won't crash by 3:00...just because I am talking, having fun, joking around, it doesn't mean I won't burst into tears randomly...and the list goes on...
     MS is random, unpredictable, and yes, debilitating--but some of us who have it find the randomness and unpredictability amusing so we don't focus on the debilitating. That's why we look so good!