Monday, June 16, 2014

Listen to Your Body

I was very proud of myself today. I rode my bike further, almost double the distance. Then my body started complaining a little. I was back in front of my house and I could feel that my legs were tired and I was getting thirsty. I decided I could go a little bit more and then stop. Stupid ass that I am, I wasn't listening to my body telling me to stop right then. I told my left leg that the weakness it feels in trying to be the starting peddler indicates that it needs to do just that and then we can go home. Like I said...Stupid Ass. My left leg complied and was able to make it up the height to the pedal so it can start the bike on its way...well, the rest of my body was apparently helping by leaning the bike a little to the left, which I didn't exactly notice caused the handle bars to also lean to the left. So, naturally, the bike went left and I was unable to pull it back. Those of you who have similar balance issues as me will immediately understand...once balance is compromised, there is no getting it back with MS related issues. Down I went. I felt really stupid and hope that no one saw me. I got up, went home, and rested. I can hear my body saying "I told you so" repeatedly. My left thumb is now killing doubt its way of screaming at me for allowing the bike to topple over on top of it. Sigh...hopefully I can ride again tomorrow. I will not ignore my body again.