Sunday, September 29, 2013

Days In=Days Out

I believe I have said in other blogs that I am blessed with the ability to work at home full time. It's days like the recent weekend I had that makes me truly appreciate it. I had to go into work for three days. Luckily, the third day was only a half day.
     The first day was okay, no big deal really. I did forget my tea and Advil, but someone gave me some Advil and I drank coffee. I got home and rested well for the next day. Day two I remembered the tea, forgot the Advil. I didn't need it so no harm no foul. However, after two days with no nap, I started to feel it. I had a bit of trouble walking right, even with the cane. And after lunch with no nap, I was about to drop. I started crashing. I made it though, even if I did start to lose control of emotions slightly. I made it through the day and slept well. The third day (Thursday) I guess was too much. I had a hard time getting up. Remembered everything, but was dragging. I barely made it through the half day, and when I got home after lunch, I crashed...and I slept, slept, slept. I woke up late with a headache that didn't go away until today (Sunday). I had to call in sick on Friday and am just now starting to feel okay.
     I guess the lesson is that I need to prepare for the days after going many as I go in, I may need to account for in recovery.
     Oh well, such is the life with MS. Again, I am just glad I am still working while I need to.